Tasting note of Mas Donís Rosé by the restaurant La Boella

Mas Donís Rosé 2011

80% Grenache / 10% Merlot / 10% Syrah

Visual phase:
Rosé wine with intense violet tones. Bright, colored and clean. It leaves a tear in the glass a little ticked.

Olfactory phase:
At first, it gives a good red fruit aromas and moving the glass, those aromas appear  with intensity. Mainly, notes of strawberry and cherry. A floral touch of violets and herbal give freshness.

Tasty phase:
Warm and soft entry. With a good structure on the palate, round and balanced. This wine is fresh with a well integrated acidity. In the retro-nasal appear the same aromas of red fruits that we have noticed in nose.

After tasting the wine, it leaves a feeling of freshness, with an aftertaste of fruit in the mouth that keeps some time. Pleasant to drink for their youth and freshness, also with structure.

Food pairing:
At La Boella, we pair it perfectly with carpaccio of tuna with an olive vinaigrette and onion.
The structure of the wine suits with the fat of the tuna. Good acidity and freshness goes well with the vinaigrette, which is often difficult to accompany. And the touches of black olives enhance the aromas of red fruits Mas Donís.

Roser Virgili (Sommelier)
Piqui Vilella (Maître)


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