From the oldest vines garnacha to the most delicate pinots, and from our steepest slopes to our most levelled terraces, our vineyards offer a wide arrange of soils and slopes.

The Vineyards

Rising up around the village of Capçanes, on steep slopes and terraces, our vines are protected by the mountain range of Llaberia. We work predominantly with our two indigenous varietals Garnacha Negra and Cariñena of high altitude and low yielding mostly bush vines. Some of them are up to 110 years old. On mineral stony Slate, Limestone and Clay soils our vines are developing highly concentrated fruit intensity and a unique flavour profile.


Our wines personality and character comes defined by the variety of soils that we have here at Capçanes. From the freshness of our limestone to the fruit of our clay, going through the mineral slate and without forgetting the vigorous deserts of our sandy parcels; our vines are found in a wide arrange of soils and slopes that provide complexity and depth to our wines.


Produces wild wines with an edge… compact claylike soil that used to form lake bottoms. Plant life suffers  due to lack of oxygen and is forced to battle the dense soil in search of water.


Produces rich and mineral-based wines… large rock plates are formed, by tectonic movements and surface pressure, and obtain heat. These rocks remain in constant contact with the vine roots, preventing them from reaching deeper.


Produces fresh and floral wines… Fragmented rock allows the routes of the vines to grow deep into the soil in search of water. The soil is not dense, hence it does not retain water, sending the routes ever deeper (8 to 12 meters).


Produces fruity. easy wines…Soil that has been eroded by wind to form a sandy, beach-like terrain. The routes cast themselves downward with ease, picking up chalk as they go.


It's a way of life, a chance to share the passion with others.

It's a constant struggle ... but worth it!

Being a winegrower at Capçanes is a luxury ... there's always someone supporting you!