The Winery

What was brought to us through our heritage is brought to you through our wines

At Capçanes, here at the southern part of Priorat, our lands and people have a long history of winemaking, and how proud we are to be bottling it nowadays. Celler Capçanes was founded by a few families here back in 1933.

Market needs changed and so did we. Later on we realized quantity and pooled resources was not enough and so we decided to grow even further.

How far you ask?

Well, we managed to convince 80 different people from our village to invest in our winery (theirs as well) and started making a kosher wine, under Mevushal method, that happened to knock down some borders and be a huge success.

Actually, 5% of what we bottle annually is our kosher and the other 95% is a wide arrange of young, semi crianza and higher end wines. We love to put the best expression of the village where we work in each of these bottles, and to do so we have an incredible team behind it.

From the farmers working the vineyards, to the staff at the cellar and the winemaker, Anna Rovira, they make possible the magic of our wines, without forgetting of course, the dedication and passion that all of us put in what we do.

The people


Every single one of us puts a little bit of ourselves into all our wines. Get to know the team and the story behind each one of us.

Day by day in the Winery