The 37th fair of Wines and Cavas of Catalonia has been a success!

The 37th  Fair of Wines and Cavas of Catalonia has been a success!. It is a influential event in Catalonia, thanks to the participation of almost 60 wineries and all the people who attend it.
In the following images capture the great atmosphere at the event.
Xavier Castellet, sommelier at the Celler de Capçanes, was in charge of the tasting of our kosher wines.

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Selection Das Genussmagazin

Capçanes is among the best wines of 2017!
In Capçanes we are delighted with the outcome.
Our wines have obtained a Gold medall!
They have been selected among the Best Wines from Spain of  2017  by the German  Selection Das Genussmagazin.
Here's the summary of the ratings obtained by our wines:
Selection Das Genussmagazin 2017:

  • 2015 Peraj Ha'abib: 4 **** stars = Gold
  • 2015 Els Pájaros: 4 **** stars = Gold
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Virgin Wines has written about Capçanes!

Celler de Capçanes- Heart of Spain.
After a wonderful experience sharing vintage days with "Virgin Wines", we have received this great article.
In his post David Wyatt has managed to translate into words the essence of our wines and the personality of our winery and history, which has been possible thanks to his effort and curiosity.
"Practical experience is key, and when Celler de Capcanes sent the invite to lend a hand in the winery for the 2017 vintage, flights were immediately booked"

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Celler de Capçanes, Best organic wine range of Spain 2017!

Celler de Capçanes, best organic wine range of Spain 2017! according to the Selection Das Genussmagazin, the prestigious german organic wine competition.
Our wines have been awarded with three gold and two silver medals.
A reward to the hard work of the Capçanes cellar team.

  • 2014 Mas Tortó : 4 **** stars = Gold
  • 2015 Mas Tortó: 4 **** stars = Gold
  • 2014 Vall del Calàs: 4 **** stars = Gold
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Vinari dels vins catalans 2017

Our iconic kosher wine Peraj Ha'abib this year gets two Vinaris medals.
A bronze Vinari  as an aged red wine and a bronze Vinari as a DO Montsant wine.
This competition has been organized by
It was first organized in 2013 with the aim to publicize the catalan still wines and the sparkling wines while  guiding the final consumer.

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