Priorat Terroir, the first Priorat passport for wine lovers!

After months of meetings, proposals, hopes and work ….
We have our passport in Capçanes, the first in the Priorat region!
Terroir Priorat 12 wineries /12 wines!
A region with two appellations, where you can enjoy our great wines and our nice people!
Now you can come to our cellar and purchase your passport for only 10 €.
If you finish the route, we will give you a fabulous gift of 12 wines !!!

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A complete tour with Enoguía!

A complete tour with Enoguía.
Yesterday a group of adventurers, came to Capçanes.
They visited our winery and walked through the Capçanes mountains.
One day paired with wine and a good walk !!!!
Here's a photographic abstract to show what happened.

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Enoguia will visit Capçanes

Next Sunday 19th of June, Enguia will organize a perfect day in Capçanes.
Firstly with a visit to our winery and a  wine tasting.
Secondly, a walk through our vineyards and a picnic (which you must bring yourself)
For those who don't want to drive, they have the option of taking the train.
The train station is just 1 minute from the cellar!

For further information

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Selection Das Genussmagazin 2016

Once again Capçanes has obtained a Gold Medal!
Today is an exciting day, the Selection Das Genussmagazin 2016 has given us four stars which is equivalent to Gold!
We are very pleased with such a great result!

  • Cabrida 2013: 4 Stars, GOLD!
  • 2 Pájaros 2012: 4 Stars, GOLD!
  • Cal Calàs 2012: 4 Stars, GOLD!


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Vinum Nature 2016

Next Monday 20th ofJune, our  silver medal Mas Torto, will be waiting for you in the Vinum Nature fair to be held in Barcelona.
Capçanes will present its organic wines:
Mas Picosa 2015
Vall del Calàs 2013
Mas Tortó 2013
Mas Tortó 2014

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Our vineyards in June!

We have beautiful vineyards this June!
For that reason we dedicate them these pictures.
So, you can enjoy the explosion of colors that promise a great harvest.

Here you have the pictures!