94 points to Cabrida 2010 in the tasting “Enamorados de la garnacha” (in love with Garnacha)

"Until recent years she was misunderstood, but if you open your heart, Garnacha reward you handsomely. There are many winemakers who have surrendered to its charms and today they declare their love in each processing"

In this way they described the passion for this increasingly international variety.

In the tasting conducted by Raul Serrano, Cabrida 2010 recieves 94p:

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Excellent scores in the new edition of the PALACIO GUIDE OF THE BEST LATIN AMERICAN WINES

The Guide, which goes on sale in September 2013 and wich is going to be distributed in the international markets, has delivered the results of the scores of the wines that will be on the market this coming year.

From  Celler de Capçanes, we are very pleased with the following results:

Mas Collet 2011. 92p
Lasendal 2011.  90p
Flor de Primavera (Peraj Ha’abib) 2011. 93+p
Costers del Gravet 2010. 91+p
Vall del Calàs 2010 Tinto 94+p
Cabrida 2010 Tinto 94p