The Cabrida vertical tasting

The best way to explain the greatness of a wine is through a vertical tasting … and yesterday we had the opportunity to demonstrate it in Alimentaria.
Cabrida proved to be the "first great wine 100% Grenache of Spain" citing the words of our esteemed Juan Fernández Cuesta (renowned taster and author of the ABC wine guide).
Attendees could recognize with great surprise how after 22 years of evolution Cabrida hasen't lost its "spark", its acidity, balance and intensity.

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Anna Rovira, the best women winemaker of Spain 2018.

According to the Selection Das Genussmagazin our winemaker Anna Rovira has been chosen as the best winemaker of the year.
Our wines have been scored above 90 point, positioning Anna among the best women winemakers in Europe.
Since our young and talented technical director landed in Capçanes 6 years ago, when she still had to finish the university, the Celler de Capçanes has not stopped receiving mentions and recognitions.

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12th Nit de les Garnatxes with Stars!

The next  4th of May, friday night, the12th edition of La Nit de les Garnatxes, will be held .
We will wait for you at 11:00 PM at the Celler de Capçanes.
This year involving two Michelin star restaurants and one musical star, Ramon Mirabet!


  • Ramon Mirabet: His songs are the result of his life and experiences, that have transformed the life of Ramon Mirabet into an adventure.