Discover who our guests are at Garnatxes Night party

OCTAVI  INTENTE , Terrassa –

Minutious and detailed in their paintings, Octavi Intente creates a magical world, recreational and dream-like, but not innocent, as we can appreciate acid and critical notes.

The artist has exposed in such uneven places as Terrassa and New York, Barcelona and Madrid, La Bisbal and Sevilla, etc.

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Hebrew University of Jerusalem visits Capçanes winery

We welcomed a group of students from Jerusalem and guided them on a tour at the winery. They were delighted to hear all about Capçanes and how a small catholic village decided in 1995 to invest in another culture and religion. They had the chance to taste Peraj Petita, our young kosher wine, and the ultra famous Peraj Ha´abib.
We want to thank them all for visiting us and appreciating our effort!

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Gold medal for Mas Collet 2009

The contest Les Prix du public Desjardins took place on February 2012, and 425 producers were in the competition held by 350 amateur tasters.
The contest was placed in the Dance Hall of Fairmont le Château Frontenac.

Médaille d'or 93,00 Mas Collet 2009

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Capçanes Kosher vertical tasting, 11th of march 2012 at City Winery in New York Manhattan Downtown

City Winery, actually a physical winery in Manhattan (believe it or not) is the brainchild of Michael Dorf, who wanted to create more than just a custom crush facility in New York City. Beyond making wine, Michael also focus on the enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from sharing wine with friends. That is what City Winery is about: community, creativity and culture. A vibrant, interactive space in New York where folks can not only make wine, but also meet friends new and old while indulging their passion for quality food, music, art and life. To all who enter, L'Chaim.

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New olive oil in Capçanes!

Medium-high intensity, green and fruity. On the palate, it is pleasantly spicy and quite sweet with slight bitterness and astringency. Typical secondary aromas come from the Arbequina olive variety with flavours of freshly cut grass, tomato, almonds and green walnuts. With a slightly almond-tasting finish, this oil is well balanced and aromatic.

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Capçanes attends Alimentaria

You will find us in Pavillion 3, level 0, stand B110 – 25. Please, come and try our new vintages and share with us your impressions about the new labels of Costers del Gravet and Vall del Calas.

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Garnatxa´s night 2012 starts warming up…

We are getting ready for the next Nit de les Garnatxes. Like every year, we organise the tasting of the 4 Garnachas of 4 different soils and we would love to share it with our friends. If you want to book it just call at (+34) 977 178 319 or send an email to Remember tickets are limited.

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Celler de Capçanes at Prowein 2012

More than 15 years ago Capçanes started going to Dusseldorf Exhibition. This year we attended the Fair to meet our customers and importers, chat to them and introduce the new vintages and wines.