Tasting notes of Cabrida 2008 by the team of Sommeliers of the Restaurant “Torreó de L’Indià”

Cabrida 2008

Sumillers: Javier Campo y Fran López

This wine is bigarreau cherry red in colour. At first glance it appears clean and brilliant with a lightly coloured robe and notable legs. It has a very interesting purplish rim.

Predominantly ripe red fruit mixed with flowers. A hint of mineral aromas gives way to toasty notes and spices such as clove and nutmeg.

Delicious tannins fill the mouth with their silkiness, although more bottle time will lead to a more elegant wine. An intensely long, spicy finish. The wine’s well balanced acidity entices one to take another sip. 

Food and Wine Pairing
– Spicy red meats with wild mushrooms and root vegetables
– Slow cooked rice dishes with game and Iberian meat specialities with crispy liquorice
– Stews with pulses and crustaceans which are high in flavour
– Chocolate textures and flavours mixed with forest fruits


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