The sommeliers Manel Subirà (Restaurante Can Bosch) and Roser Virgili (La Boella) tasting Mas Tortó 2009


Visual phase:
Cherry color, layer half high.
Olfactory phase:
First of all there is some reduction, after we start getting cocoa, coffee and aromas of ageing. Then balsamic notes appear, below forest, leather, and a background of red fruits and spices (black pepper).
Tasting phase
 In mouth the attack is followed by an explosion of sweet effect, quite fat, and a coolness end. Denoting his youth and a warm characteristic of the territory.
After tasting Mas Tortó 2009 leaves us the feeling of youth, strength and desire to grow. During the time in which we enjoyed its company, we have seen an evolution from aging to the varietal.
Explosive in the mouth, with nerve and character. Wine that eventually come to bring all these components, rounding up and transporting us to our land. We will remember where it is and who he is.
This wine is showing the landscape, culture and people that makes it possible.
Manel Subirà (Can Bosch)
Virgil Rose (La Boella)

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