Oenologist of the year 2022 in red wines

Anna Rovira

“Rotwein-Winzerin des Jahres 2022” or to say, Anna Rovira is “Oenologist of the year 2022, in red wines”

The German magazine “” has been running the “Oenologist of the Year” contest for 6 years, a contest which seeks to promote the visibility and representation of women in the world of wine.

For the second time, Anna Rovira, Chief Oenologist and Technical Director of Capçanes, takes first place, this time in the specialty of red wines.

The competition evaluates the overall quality and average score of the wines presented, in which, on the part of Celler de Capçanes, the queen variety “red Garnacha (grenache)” continues to predominate.

The journalist Wolfgang Hubert interviews the award-winning winemaker of the Celler de Capçanes. You can consult the transcription right here:

What attracts you to the red varieties and especially, Garnacha?

Anna Rovira: “White and black varieties attract me equally. Both have unlimited potential.

With red grape varieties, the challenge is to find the perfect harmony between tannins, acidity and alcohol. Polyphenols represent another sphere, another level to work with. In general, when it comes to red wines, one has to look even further into the future. What will happen tomorrow if I do <this> today?

The potential of Grenache is practically inexhaustible. Almost anything is possible. Blanc de noirs, rosés, reds, with and without aging.; to drink now or to keep. From delicate and fragile to opulent wines.”

Since when do you grow Samsó (Cariñena) and what attracts you to this variety?

Anna Rovira: “We have always cultivated Samsó. However, the demand for this variety has never been so important. Only recently has it been possible to score points with the single-variety wines 100% Samsó. It is a type of grape and wine that is relisient and robust and fits quite well with the spirit of wine today. Samsó is straightforward. It’s not “everyone’s darling’ like Grenache, but a resilient fighter.”

How are your red wines?

Anna Rovira: More and more I make red wine with less or almost no aging in wood barrels. We only have a few new barrels, and the cask size today is 300, 500 or 3000 liters (bigger capacity than years before, thus less wood influence/oxidation on the wine).

Maceration times are getting shorter and shorter. And I love vinifying with ripe stems, robust but also green and full of juice.

What image does the D.O. Montsant project?

Anna Rovira: an excellent image. The level of quality and variety of styles is exceptional. There is a lot of talent in the DO, which has become a benchmark in just 20 years since its foundation. Thanks to patience, constancy, modesty and creativity, it has placed itself in equal conditions with the DOQ Priorat. There is nothing left of the “little brother…”

What projects are coming up in the near future?

Anna Rovira: the future is completely dedicated to the vineyard, and the new challenges brought from climate change.

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