Parés Baltà, Gratavinum & Dominio Romano. Cusiné family show their wines in the 8th Nit de les Garnatxes

The Cusiné family are 100% dedicated to caring for the vines and creating their wines with passion and thoughts, which is seen in their environmentally considerate approaches. So much so that their wines have been awarded the organic certification. Come and join to our 8th Night of Grenaches and try wines from Penedès, Priorat and Ribera del Duero!

PARÉS BALTÀ is a family owned winery with traditions that goes back to 1790. They produce high quality wines and cavas. The grapes come from their 5 estates, situated around the winery and in the mountains of Penedès. The altitude varies from 170 to 750 m. and offers a diverse mixture of soils and microclimates that give a special personality to their wines. They have always practised organic viticulture (and biodymanic farming since 2013) .They have their own flock of sheep to fertilise the vineyards and bees that help pollinate the vines, bringing the essence of the Mediterranean ecosystem to their grapes.
A winery with a long tradition but with new and fresh ideas. The management is led by Joan and Josep Cusiné. The winemaking is in the hands of Mª Elena Jiménez and Marta Casas, oenologists and wives of Joan and Josep. Two skilled young women whose efforts are reflected in the quality of the wines, showing fine character and concentration yet with elegance and balance.
In the wild and rugged landscape of the Priorat region, there is a dramatic struggle for survival of the vine. A unique atmosphere that captivates any nature and wine lover. In 2003, Joan and Josep Cuisné, their wives MªElena Jiménez and Marta Casas (winemakers in PARÉS BALTÀ ) and the winemaker Jordi Fernandez, started a new and exciting project in the Priorat region. That was the starting of GRATAVINUM, which name comes from the contraction Gratallops (the name of the village where the winery is located) and Vinum, which means wine in Latin, in homage to the Romans, who introduced the cultivation of vines in the region many centuries ago.
In 2005, the Cusiné family, following a long tradition of passion and dedication of elaborating wines in the Penedes (PARÉS BALTÀ) and in the Priorat (GRATAVINUM), decided to initiate a new project in the Ribera del Duero, applying the guidelines set by the first winegrowers of the region. In order to achieve this we selected vines that reflect best their philosophy: old Tinto Fino vines spread in different zones of the denomination, trained in bushes, non-irrigated and organically grown by winegrowers with a distinctive passion for viticulture.
The work in the cellar has a clear purpose: to transmit the character of the autochthonous grape Tinto Fino, benefiting from the best terroirs of the region and at the same time respecting the tradition and the environment.