Five artists invited to the 8th “Nit de les Garnatxes”

5 artists are in charge of giving color and nice atmosphere during the eighth Grenache’s Night next  2nd  May!

Adrià Vernet, Falset / adriapintor
Catalan artist, born in Falset, has exhibited all over the territory.
His painting reflects feelings, thoughts and feelings inspired by nature and life. With works that arise from the relationship established between abstract expressionism and nature, and are conceptualized by roughness, texture, good solid materials and in the same measure, tubes of emotions and feelings.

Veyrat Marie –France,  Lyon, France
Plastic, multidisciplinary, abstract, three-dimensional artist who highlights her constant interest in experimentation. Uses languages ​​such as tapestry, sculpture, painting, installation, digital art and land art.
Textile art teacher in the school called Tríptic in Reus, President of the jury and founder of the ARCO- BEEP Electronic Art and New Technologies Awards from 2006, performs many exhibitions and competitions , has worked in public institutions and private national and international collections and has published three books – catalogs monographic.

Zóngora Chorus, El Vendrell / cor.zongora
The Zóngora choir, founded and directed by Montserrat Meneses, born on 1996 at the Municipal School of Music Pau Casals, el Vendrell ( EMMPAC ) . It consists of twenty girls, mostly students of the school, who work to get a careful vocal emission and provide an accurate and rigorous interpretation of any repertoire, from early music to contemporary.
They are currently presenting the Colors of XX Century concert.

Maria Sedó Muntané , Falset
She studied art during the bachelor, attracted by photography and design. In 2013 she ended her studies in Art Photography at the School of Art and Design in Tarragona where she is now finishing Graphic Advertising. Her photographs create abstract and geometric compositions.
On 2nd May exposes Boira (fog), the beginning of a work which shows this phenomenon seen with other eyes , places that over the fog become subtle and charming.

Andrea Vallès Ferré, Capçanes
Born in Capçanes where she relives after going through Tarragona, Bilbao, Buenos Aires and Barcelona. Graduate  in Journalism and an Master in women's studies , gender and citizenship; she combines several minijobs in the precarious job market with her passion, photography. She considers herself as a autodidact, with the craze of framing everything that passes in front of her eyes, with or without camera. She presents a tribute to the women and the rural environment where they inhabit.