Celler de Capçanes in Tastings, “Barcelona Metropolitan”

We arrive again at that point in the year where we can’t quite shake winter completely and yet we know that sunny, beach days are ahead. As a realistic optimitsic, i want to pour something heavy in my glass that isn’t going to make me sulk and ponder the meaning of life. I want a glass that’s fresh, invigorating and mindful that our evenings will soon be an hour longer.

Celler de Capçanes 2/vb 2009

Anyone who has spent a bit of time in Barcelona will have probably encountered a bottle from this cellar in DO Montsant. They’re very well known for their excellent line of Kosher wines, but they also produce many others including these “backslash” wines. I’ve recently finished tasting all the wines produced in DO Montsant for a forthcoming book about the region and this “blanc de negres” sttod out as one of the more courious bottles. For those unifamiliar with the process, if you take red grapes and limit the maceration time, you can actually produce a “white” wine from them. Often these are strange, strage beasts that only my most hardcore of wine compatriots adore. This bottle however is very aproachable, deep, and fresh. It’s considerably large, isn’t heavy and has notes of orange blossoms and raspberries. A different bottle that’s fitting for this time of year.