Fam trip and Press trip at Celler de Capçanes

Last week , the winery had two very special visits, a Press trip and a Fam trip or tour operators travel.

For one side we received the members of the Digital Wine Communications Conference (DWCC) who had the opportunity to take part in a Press trip organized by the guide and translator, settled in Priorat , Rachel Ritchie. Well aware of the Priorat and its two designations of origin, accompanied the group throughout the trip to most emblematic areas of Priorat. Among these activities, Celler de Capçanes offered the visit and tasting of some singular wines.

On the other hand, by the Catalan Tourism Agency (ACT ), we received the participants of the Fam Trip "Food and Wine in Catalonia". These tour operators began his culinary experience in Barcelona, ​​followed by the Gold Coast, through the wine region of Priorat in which they did the visit and tasting in Celler de Capçanes and finished the route to the coast of Barcelona.

Both were good occasions to demonstrate the potential that Montsant can have as landscape and  wines.