Very good results for Celler de Capçanes in the “Restaurant Wine” magazine

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On this occasion, Ronn, dedicates some words to Spanish wines in his Star Listing where highlights some of the Celler de Capçanes, including:

Peraj petita 2012, 4/5 stars
Costers del Gravet 2010 4+/5 stars
Vall del Calàs 2010 4+/5 stars
Pansal del Calàs 2010 4/5 stars
Cabrida 2010 5/5 stars
Flor de Primavera kosher 2011 4+/5 stars

QUALITY ratings are:
★★★★★ EXCEPTIONAL quality for its type and style; a superstar
(5 stars) within its price category. Merits an extra special effort to
purchase. Very highly recommended.
★★★★ EXCELLENT quality for its type, style, and price. Among
(4 stars) the very best of its type for its price. Highly recommended.
★★★ VERY GOOD quality for its type, style, and price. Has
(3 stars) distinctive character and positive attributes. Recommended.