So far, it’s looking promising

Wine is not the result of a defined recipe, it is not an exact formula to be repeated along the years, external factors such as weather (different every year) which make the plant "work" differently, treatments, date of harvest or winemaking process are never the same. Actually this is what gives excitement to our work and what makes us overcome day by day.

Regarding this last year, noting ombrothermal diagrams that relate the amount of rainfall with average monthly temperatures, we have noticed that so far this year the temperature difference is not significant, but it is in the month of June, this June has been the coldest since 1992, with an anomaly of -2 º C, which has made to certain pests delay their life cycle, and so has the vine extended their growing season. In terms of rainfall, we can compare the 2012, whose spring precipitation were significantly lower than recorded this 2013, which last year resulted into a lower production (20-30% less than in previous years), although more concentrated aromatically with very good quality. This year the rainfall has increased, on the one hand it is beneficial for the plant as last year it suffered water stress, on the other hand it has increased the risk of fungal diseases such as mildew or oidium, always controlled by the plant protection service and our vine growers who always take care of the plant!

In conclusion, we are in a cooler year, wettest, a little more complicated for the diseases but quieter in terms of plant water status, this will mean later harvest but always best quality!

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