Esoteric wine tasting in Celler de Capçanes

12/12/12 The perfect day for performing an esoteric wine tasting by Mr. Kovar. Czech origin, editor and  graduated in law, Mr. Kovar discovered his powers some years ago. Since then, he is a healer caring people by energizing water that makes the patient drink later.

In this case, Mr. Kovar traveled from Germany, where he lives, to Priorat so as to take part  in energized wine tasting in collaboration with Celler Capçanes.

Two tasting session were carried out the same day. The first one at the University Rovira i Virgili thanks to the collaboration of Montse Nadal, professor in enology degree, and 12 professional tasters. A second tasting was held at the winery the same evening with 15 more tasters.

The purpose of this tasting was to test if there were significant differences between the same wine energized and non- energized. Mr. Kovak (with the presence of a testimony) energized some wines that were rated by tasters.

As a first approximation, many of the tasters perceived differences between energized and non-energized wines which were usually attributed to astringency, smoothing and rounding the wines in the energized ones.

In few weeks, we will have the definitely results which promise to be amazing!