End of the Harvest at Celler de Capçanes

Finally we finished harvest!

We organised a "little" paella for the farmers and  we introduced them the new website, and the new wines. The new front label of Costers del Gravet and Vall del Calas caused sensation, as they are real deeds of the farmers, 100 years old, from the vineyards of the wines.

The first 10 days we must admit were not that easy at all, but at the end it looks better than ever.
All the early ripening lower zones did suffer quite a bit because of heat and water stress in August. So far it looked all pretty fantastic, but finally two weeks of hot and try inland winds Mid August gave a hard time to the vines. All in all we lost around 20% in the particularly south/west facing lower zones at 150-200m altitude.

Fortunately beginning of September weather changed completely, and it even got pretty “cold”, 12-14º at night and never over 20-25º at day.
Which means all mid altitude and higher vines recovered completely and they looked simply amazing!
It started to look like an early and fast harvest, but finally we took advantage of these great late autumn conditions and slowed harvest down a bit finishing beginning of October.

The summary so far is, vintage 2011 gonna be divided in two extremes: less quantity at entry level; and great wines from the hights.

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