Capçanes and Anna Rovira, in the Swedish press

Celler de Capçanes appears in the September 2022 edition of Sweden’s “Más Amigos” magazine.

Source: medlismagasin Sep 2022/ Edition 38/ nr.3, (page 27-29)

This article focuses on the collection of soils or terroirs “La Nit de les Garnatxes” of 4 monovarietal wines vinified with the only variety – Garnatxa – and subjected to the same elaboration methods, with the only difference being the soils where the vines are grown: sand or honeycomb, clay, limestone and slate (Llicorella).

In the Montsant area, there are different types of soil that influence the grapes in very distinct ways and this collection is incredibly educational and a very useful tool for educators, sommeliers and restaurateurs.

By the way, the slate soil or Llicorella, has been awarded as the best Catalan wine of the year 2022 by the Vinari Awards. This wine from slate soil has a pronounced, fruity and elegant nose, with red fruit, cherries, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries. Integrated and round tannins. A very elegant and easy to enjoy wine.

The Celler de Capçanes, together with the oenologist and technical director Anna Rovira, produces a special wine for the Swedish market, called “Winemaker’s Stories Montsant” and is the first of a series of wines carefully selected high quality with an emphasis on the origin and style of the maker.

You can download and consult the article at the link:

“Mas Amigos” medlemsmagasin Sep 2022/ Edition 38/ nr.3, (page 27-29)

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