Paula Bosch on Capçanes Kosher wines: Pure and elegant

CRESCENDO’s wine columnist, Paula Bosch, presents kosher wines from Catalonia and recognizes revealing parallels with organic wines of biodynamic production. Link:


Peraj Petita Rosat 2020

 This delicately fruity pink with a floral aroma shines in flamenco colors and, from the first moment, it pours into small pirouettes that resemble a thin ballerina in Tchaikovsky Swan Lake. Hibiscus, raspberries, pink grapefruit, tea roses. In the mouth it shines fresh like juicy strawberries with citrus freshness. Pleasant and delicious drink flow, not only for summer.


Peraj Ha’abib Pinot Noir 2019

 The bright, shiny sour cherry red color suggests a light red wine type from the first impression. It smells of cloves, plum marmalade, juicy red melon. Ripe and fine-grained noble tannin that provokes a pure taste and a very pleasing palate. A very notable Pinot Noir outside its native France. Slightly cold, delicious with salmon, pizza and prosciutto.


Peraj Ha’abib 2018

Blend of Cariñena, Cabernet Sauvignon and Garnacha, which varies depending on the vintage, is not subtle on the palate, but rather powerful. The red, blue-floral and spicy aromas of mallow tea, lily, sour cherries and lingonberries conceal this briefly, but only briefly. Then it scatters numerous not very fine-grained tannins with a decidedly rustic, cheeky way and demands more time to ripen. Down-to-earth, powerful structure.


Flor de flor de Primavera Samsó 2018

The two top wines in the kosher series come from very old vineyard terraces with bush vines that are well over 100 years old and stand on slate, granite and clay soils. Viticulture doesn’t get much more extreme. The Samsó, also known as Carignan, has a slightly more feminine disguise and bears the dark notes of blueberry and cassis. Subtle wood notes complement the acidic character. The finely ribbed texture makes you think of extremely fine silk scarves. What a wine for the price!


Flor de flor de Primavera Garnatxa 2018

 If the Samsó is too charming for you, then this is the choice for you. Dark berries, cherry juice, smoky, leathery with many mineral, earthy notes. What a fragrant, multi-layered appearance, constantly changing with air and temperature. Cloves, nutmeg, black peppercorns and bacon convey additional notes in the mouth. The still youthful tannins give the wine bite and stay compact until the long, grand finale. As an “altar wine” it would fill entire cathedrals.

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