The artist Valentin J. Martin at the 11th Nit de les Garnatxes!

This year in the 11th Nit de les Garnatxes, we have a talented artist  named Valentin J. Martin.
Born in Frankfurt am Main Germany
He studied Communication Design, lives and works in Wiesbaden, Germany.
A series of large-format images have been produced as Artprints on Dibond in limited editions.
His artistic work expresses the continuous visual positioning of the present times where changes are occurring very fast.
People; Cities; skyscraper; Silhouettes and facades, are all well known designs.
The images from the series "Perspectives" by V. J. Martin go beyond a specific place and compress the individual perceptions to a new general impression.
The images absorb the excitement of the city, show the concise architecture and the people who live in it.
Subject and method in superposition, layers in several dimensions:
In the raw material – mirrors, shadows, reflections of light of the original motifs.
In the collage – different designs form  agile or contrasting, fluid or accentuating obvious fractures of a new image.
In mood – inspired by a world of natural or surreal color, the image color provokes an immediate emotional character.
In the process – Visible traces of the photographic and picturesque alienation; In the digital composition providing a sense of passage of time and the appearance of the individual motif  both present directly in the image.

Man is not seen, but is present, observing and creating his own image in the city.

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