Gilbert & Gaillard 2016

Capçanes has achieved two Gold medals!
We have the results of the Gilbert & Gaillard International Wine Competition 2016 .
Three medals for Capçanes!
Gold medals, for the Costers del Gravet 2014 and Vall del Calàs 2014.
Silver medal, for the Mas Collet.
A tasting of 331 wines  were carried out in 114 different wineries in Catalunya, held by:  François Gilber, founder of Gilbert Gaillard, Evelyn Israel,  winemaker and wine critic, also by Sylvain Patard, editor and wine critic.
The Gilbert & Gaillard Multimedia group is of French origin and has over 25 years experience in the field of divulgence and qualification of wine; year after year, organizing tastings around the world.
We are very pleased!!!!!