Part 4: Adelaide, Barossa/South Australia

After Sydney, and 2 hours flight, Adelaide, the 5th biggest city in the country with still over a million habitants, life here appears less stressful and fast. Sydney became my favorite Australian city, but the Adelaide hills and Eden valley my first choice in terms of landscape. What a gorgeous countryside!
My first thanks are going to Alister and Micke, , our Spanish Acquisition agent in South Australia. A great job! Well done!
Thank you David, Patrick and Frank for hosting us and for our Master Class at Mothervine,  .
And Gracias Margot for the opportunity to show Capçanes at your Edinburgh Cellars, , a beautiful store with one of the most amazing wine selections I have seen in the country… and by the way my first "Drive in" wine store ever.
But my very special thanks are for Dave and Jen for inviting me to their home and showing us around. To Tom Shobbrock,  , now I know that Barossa is not only big, sweet and fat Syrah.
And last but not least once again gracias  Scott, our Aussi agent, for taking much time with me. You are so generous, and enthusiastic. It was very refreshing to spend time with you!

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