The Japanese airlines All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.,, Select two wines from Celler de Capçanes for their International Flights

The Japanese company All Nippon Airways Co.., Ltd.., Also known simply as ANA and located in Tokyo, is the largest operator of Japan flights. It operates flights to 49 destinations in Japan and 22 worldwide.

From March 2014, the company presents their wine selecction on board which differ from those on the ground.

"ANA Original Wine", the popular wine served in Business Class for a limited period in 2013, is back from March 2014. A heavenly collaboration between Ned Goodwin(Master of Wine), this time a fine winery in Spain, Celler de Capçanes, and ANA produces a divine blend of varietals. This distinctive wine exhibits exceptional flavor and a fragrant bouquet specially crafted for enjoyment in-flight, where the palate differs from that on the ground. Our intent, naturally, is to assure you of an unforgettable dining experience high in the skies.”

El més nou