La Guia de vins de Catalunya 2015

We have in our hands the guide and here are the scores if you want to have a look.

  • Cabrida “Garnatxa negra de vinyes velles” (2011): 9,60p. Elegant, Extraordinary and Gourmand.
  • Cabrida “Terroir Calissa” (2010): 9,53p. Fresh, Mineral and Herbs.
  • Peraj Ha’abib “Flor de Primavera” (2012): 9,45p. Gourmand and Powerful
  • Dos Pájaros (2010): 9,19p. Mineral, Powerful and Herbs.
  • Pansal Del Calàs (2010): 9,18p. Gourmand, Powerful and Elegant.
  • Mas Collet Barrica (2011): 9,07p. Fresh, Gourmand and herbs.
  • Mas Donís Negre (2013): 7,50p. Animal, Powerful and Bitter.