A Toast to the Iberian wolf

Last Sunday 7th July , Celler de Capçanes appeared in the Diari de Tarragona entrepreneurs' supplement  for their participation in the project of the "Wolf Marley" which already attended in the last "Nit de les Garnatxes".

As the Diari pointed, Iberian wolf defenders now have a wine reference called Signatus and made by the Celler de Capçanes contributing to the preservation of this species driven by "Lobo Marley" platform with Celler de Capçanes.

Initially, a total of 2500 bottles of this red wine have been put on sale,  and the 17% of the € 13.50 it costs are going to allocate to projects so as to protect this endangered species. You will find the wine in Celler de Capçanes' store.

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