Discover who our guests are at Garnatxes Night party

OCTAVI  INTENTE , Terrassa –

Minutious and detailed in their paintings, Octavi Intente creates a magical world, recreational and dream-like, but not innocent, as we can appreciate acid and critical notes.

The artist has exposed in such uneven places as Terrassa and New York, Barcelona and Madrid, La Bisbal and Sevilla, etc.

In this exposition, Octavi Intente presents two kind of works. On one side, a serial canvas, as usual, invite the spectator to go inside the atmosphere that the artist has created, in the univers where Octavi has given expression to his characters. On the other hand, another series that he names DIBUMS (DIBuixos-volUMS). 


In 1999 the 3 winemakers  Margarita Madrigal, Gonzalo Rodríguez and Alexandra Schmedes founded MÁS QUE VINOS as a consulting company addressed to wineries all over Spain.
At the same time, the started their own project: “Bodegas Ercavio” in Dosbarrios and Cabañas de Yepes, in Toledo province. Its philosophy was focused in making wine from sustainable vineyards and local varieties such as Tempranillo (Cencibel), Garnacha and Airén. The winery rescued the traditional way of making wine in "tinajas" (concrete ámphoras)  typical in the area, to age their wines.
From the beginning, Ercavio and La Plazuela wines got a great reputation from the national and international critics and they are bothe considered emblematic wines. 

Bodegas Ercavio – Más que Vinos
Tlf: 925 122281 – Fax: 925 137033

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