Capçanes Kosher vertical tasting, 11th of march 2012 at City Winery in New York Manhattan Downtown

City Winery, actually a physical winery in Manhattan (believe it or not) is the brainchild of Michael Dorf, who wanted to create more than just a custom crush facility in New York City. Beyond making wine, Michael also focus on the enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from sharing wine with friends. That is what City Winery is about: community, creativity and culture. A vibrant, interactive space in New York where folks can not only make wine, but also meet friends new and old while indulging their passion for quality food, music, art and life. To all who enter, L'Chaim.

In this unique facility in Downtown New York last 11th of march, our co winemaker Jürgen Wagner showed next to our kosher baby “Peraj petita”, a vertical tasting of Peraj Ha´abib 2006-2010 followed by the kosher version of our Icon wine “Cabrida” made by up to 105 years old vines Garnacha, called “Flor de Flor de Primavera 2010”.

This amazing vertical tasting was held after the annual The New York Jewish Week wine show. By the way “Peraj petita 2009” and “Peraj ha´abib 2008”, both are named as one of the Top Wines in their groups below 25$ and 36 $+ more.

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