Mots de vi (Wine words)


The project uses a multisensory approach to art to capture the sense of wine through a variety of artistic disciplines that make use of different sensory channel: literature, visual arts and music using the senses of sight and hearing; the process ends with the tasting of the wines used in the project and the bouquet and aroma of each wine brings the sensory cycle of each tale to an end.

Celler de Capçanes participates with MAS TORTÓ, a "classic" of our winery made of Garnacha old vines. We are sure it will be the inspiration of this gruop of talented artists that cooperate in this magnificient project. 

By comparing the world of viticulture with the art world the creativity present in both is highlighted.
20 tales/poems inspired by the Priorat and the wine used in the paintings  
20 drawings inspired by the tales, drawn using wine from participating wineries in the Priorat.  
20 musical compositions inspired by the tales, drawings and wine  
20 wineries from the Priorat, both DO Montsant and DOQ Priorat will bring along their wines to be used for the drawings and to inspire the tales  

El més nou