“I’m a big fan of your wines and think that you do an exceptional job vintage after vintage”, John Tabak


 “Kosherwino, Jon Tabak”, 2011 USA
Peraj Ha´abib 2009: 94 points
(.. most elegant vintage to date. The Grenache component of this blend really shines, so much so that it reminiscent of Capcanes’ varietal old vine Grenache, La Flor del Flor de Primavera 2007. In the glass, the wine is a splendid dark ruby with a lightweight, flowing consistency. On the nose, a vibrant soiree of berries – dark cherry, crushed blackberry, and dried cranberry – followed by toasted oak, a hint of vanilla and dark chocolate. On the palate, sweet cherry on the attack transitioning to oak, spices and hint of chocolate. Medium-bodied with high but balanced acidity, this wine has silky smooth tannins that have a youthful grip. The finish is impressively long with rising tannins and some tartness (as opposed to the residual sweetness present in previous vintages). A very elegant blend that is a departure from the full-bodied Peraj Ha’abib that we have all come to know, but a welcome change nevertheless. While this wine is approachable now, I recommend drinking it in 6 months. Salud!)


 “Flor  de Flor old vines Garnacha´07”: 94 point
A new kosher release from Capcanes made from 100-year-old Grenache (Garnacha in Spain) vines. There are very few kosher Grenaches on the market and this one is a real treat. In my opinion, it’s perfectly okay to judge this bottle by its label; both the bottle and its contents are strikingly beautiful. Garnet in color with purple hues, this wine seems almost surreal in the glass. The nose and palate are closely aligned with a soiree of berries – blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry – followed by notes of plum and hints of cocoa. Medium-to-full bodied with firm yet gentle tannins providing a satin-like mouthfeel. The finish is long and filled with spice. Looking forward to watching this one develop over the years. Salud!