New website Celler de Capçanes

After weeks of hard work the new website of Celler de Capçanes has been activated by replacing the previous one. It offers new features and functionalities that we hope will be of interest to all of you:

  • News: in this section we will inform you about the latest news related to our company
  • Image galleries: enjoy this space where you can see how is our daily life
  • Newsletter: subscribe to our newsletter to keep you informed.
  • Wine catalogue: see the details of all our wines, images of bottles and labels, and much more.
  • Download images: download high resolution images of our bottles and labels, and other interesting resources.
  • Online form: where you can ask about specific products and place orders from the web.
  • Special offers: in this section we inform you about special offers that you can order online.

And this is only the beginning, to add more information and functionality in the future.

El més nou