Cuvée Workshop

A new workshop that approaches the winemaking process in a creative way.


From the blend and the history of the wine to the brand development, the label design and the sales strategy.

Everything on your hands!

A three hours workshop form our sommeliers at Celler Capçanes.

You’re invited to this unique wine workshop

What does it take to make the perfect wine?

We’ll work in small team

Create your history and become a storyteller of your own wine

Build your brand...

... immerse yourself in the creative world of label design

Develop your sales concept

And the winner is…

Would you like to work as oenologs and marketing agents? In this workshop you will do our job. In groups, you will create your own wine by mixing  the monovarietal wines we will provide you, then you will design the label and sell the wine to the rest of groups.

Price per person: 75€, min. 20 people
Duration:  3 h
Booking:  Check availability
Tel: +34 977 178 319
People under 18 years old are not allowed