Peraj Ha’abib

Flor de Primavera


35% Cabernet Sauvignon
35% Carinyena
30% Garnatxa negra


38% Cabernet Sauvignon
36% Carinyena
26% Garnatxa negra


40% Cabernet Sauvignon
35% Carinyena
25% Garnatxa negra


45% Cabernet Sauvignon
35% Carinyena
20% Garnatxa negra


35% Carinyena
35% Cabernet Sauvignon
30% Garnatxa negra


35% Carinyena
35% Garnatxa negra
30% Cabernet Sauvignon


50% Garnatxa negra
30% Carinyena
20% Cabernet Sauvignon


50% Garnatxa negra
30% Cabernet Sauvignon
20% Carinyena

Color vermell robí profund. Rica complexitat aromàtica, combinant notes de fruites del bosc, cacau, i matisos especiats i balsàmics. Cos ple i generós, amb tanins suaus i robustos que despleguen sabors de fruita madura i un equilibri excepcional.

Excel·lent acompanyant de carns vermelles, ànec, xai, vedella, rostits, estofats, guisats, brases, plats al forn. També lasanyes vegetals o moussaka. Gastronomia Kosher.

Pedro Ballesteros MW (Club Oenologique) 2024:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2022: 92 punts. “Un vi que recorda la primera onada dels grans vins del Priorat; és potent, ric, intens, vibrant i càlid. Amb cos, amb molt de tot: fruita vermella, violeta, vainilla, fruits secs torrats. Bastant excessiu, però molt net i ben fet. Un per beure lentament”.

Frankfurt International Trophy 2024:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2022: Medalla d’Or

Selection. Female Winemakers of the year 2024:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2022: 92 punts. Medalla d’Or **** 4 Stars 

Berliner Wine Trophy 2024:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2022: Medalla d’Or.

Decanter World Wine Awards 2023:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2021: 90 punts. “Ripe strawberry, rose petal and coffee aromas. The palate is savoury and chock full of herbs and a little umami”

Frankfurt International Trophy 2023:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2021: Medalla d’Or.

James Suckling 2023:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2021: 92 punts. “Dark cherries, mixed berries, dried thyme and baking spices on the nose. Medium body with sinewy tannins. Spicy with dark fruit and herbal notes on the palate. Focused and well-framed. Vegan. Drink or hold.”

Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge 2023:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2021: 92 punts. Medalla d’Or.

Selection Das Genussmagazin – Winzerinnen des Jahres 2023:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2021: 91 punts. 4 stars (****)

Decanter World Wine Awards 2022:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2020: 93 punts. “Cassis, bramble and plummy nose. Big and opulent with refreshing acidity, ripe polished tannins, a textured structure, plenty of dark fruit and sweet spices flavours. Yummy.

Berliner Wine Trophy 2022:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2020: OR.

Frankfurt International Trophy 2022:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2020: OR.

Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition 2022:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2020: 94 punts.

Wein-Plus 2021:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2019: 90 punts.

Guía Peñín 2022:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2019: 92 pts.

La Guia de Vins de Catalunya 2022:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2019: 9,48/10pts

James Suckling 2021:

  • Peraj Ha’abib Flor de Primavera 2019: 91pts. “A rich red with currant, berry, and chocolate character. Some walnut, too. It’s full and lightly chewy with plenty of fruit. Milk chocolate in the aftertaste. Cabernet sauvignon, carinena and garnacha. Vegan. Drink now.”

Selection das Genussmagazin 2021:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2019: 90pts. GOLD

International Wine & Spirits Awards 2021

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2019: GREAT GOLD

Decanter World Wine Awards 2021

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2019: 94 pts. Very fresh, juicy and drinkable style, with well-managed oak and plenty of character: bay leaf, sloe and fruit bun. Long, with gently chewy tannins.”

Women’s International Trophy 2021

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2019: GOLD

Vinum Magazin

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2018: 16/20pts. Cuvée from Garnacha, Cariñena, Cabernet Sauvignon, which was matured in French wood for a year. Beautiful forest berry fruit with a ripe, soft structure. The wood, which is very finely integrated and charmingly supports the wine, provides hold. The great peculiarity of this wine: it is kosher.

Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge 2021:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2019: DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL

Berliner Wein Trophy 2021:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2019: GOLD

Premis Vinari 2020

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2018 – Vinari d’Or 2020 al Millor Negre de Criança
  • Peraj Ha’abib 2018 – Vinari d’or al Millor Vi amb DO Montsant


  • Peraj Ha’abib 2018 – 95pts A rich, deep red, offering ripe blackberries and blueberries with some orange-peel and black-tea character. It’s full-bodied with tight, round and polished tannins. Flavorful finish. Try after 2022″

Blind tasted Andreas Larsson

  • Peraj Ha’abib Flor de Primavera 2018 – 92pts
    Dark youthful purple colour. Modern nose with a gentle hint of oak a whiff of vanilla with ripe dark fruit like cassis, plum and tobacco notes. The palate is dense with good extraction, fine tannin and no hard edges, digest dark fruit notes and crème de cassis with a mild spiciness finely integrated oak and a long pure finish.

Guía Peñín 2020

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2018: 92pts

Miquel Hudin 2020

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2018: 94pts

International Wine Awards 2020

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2018: GOLD

Berliner Wein Trophy 2020

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2018: GOLD

Asia Wine Trophy 2020

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2018: GOLD

Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge 2020:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2018: 92pts / GOLD

Selection das Genussmagazin 2020:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2018: **** (GOLD)

Berliner Wein Trophy 2020:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2018: GOLD

Frankfurt International Trophy 2020:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2018: GOLD

ABC Guia de vinos 2020

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2017: 94 pts

La Guia de Vins de Catalunya 2020:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2017: 8.95p

Wein-Plus 2019:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2017: 91p

Guía Peñín 2020:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2017: 90p 

Asia Wein Trophy 2019:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2017: gold medal

Selection das Genussmagazin 2019:

  • Peraj Ha’abib – Flor de primavera 2017: **** (gold)

Frankfurt International Trophy 2019: 

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2017: Gold

Gilbert & Gaillard International Challenge 2019:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2017: Gold

La Guía de vins de Catalunya 2019:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2016: 95p.

Blind Tasted 2018:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2016: 91p. Rather deep red colour with a purple hue. Youthful intense and ripe nose offering ripe plum, blackberry, cassis, tobacco and fine spices with a hint of new oak. The palate is ample with a nice mouth feel, dense and chewy but with ripe tannin and a balanced acidity, layers of ripe dark fruit with a peppery spiciness, some smokiness and a long vibrant finish.

James Suckling tasting 2018:

  • Peraj Ha’abib, Flor de Primavera Kosher 2016:  95p. Just beginning to mature, this has a very complex nose of spice, licorice and hot stones, as well as great black fruit. Concentration, warmth and drive in this rich red that has a very long, polished finish. Kosher wine. Drink or hold.

Guía Peñín 2019:

  •  Peraj Ha’abib 2016: 89p.

Selection Das Genussmagazin 2018:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2016: 4 stars = GOLD

Gilbert Gaillard 2018:

  • Flor de Primavera Peraj Ha’abib – 2015: 90/10: GOLD

Guía ABC 2018:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2015: 94 p.

La Guía de vins de Catalunya 2018:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2015: 9,20p.

Guía Peñín 2018:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2015: 90p.

Selection Das Genussmagazin 2017:

  •  2015 Peraj Ha’abib: 4 **** stars = Gold

Guía ABC 2017:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2014: 94 p.

La Guía de vins de Catalunya 2017:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2014: 9,22p.

Guía Peñin 2017:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2014: 90p.

La Guía de vins de Catalunya 2016:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2013: 9,03p.

Guía de vinos ABC 2016

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2013, 93p

Guía Peñín de los vinos de España 2016

  • Peraj Ha´abib 2013: 92p

SELECTION wine competition, Germany 2015

  •  Peraj Ha´abib 2012: 4****

Selection – Das Genussmagazin August 2015

  • Peraj Ha´abib 2012: 4****Stars: Gold

Wein – Plus,  19 February 2015:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2013 :  90 WP = Outstanding

La Guia de Vins de Catalunya 2015:

  • Peraj Ha’abib “Flor de Primavera” (2012): 9,45p. Llaminer i Potent

“Guía Vinos 2015 ABC”:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2012: 94p.

Guía Peñín de los Vinos de España 2015:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2012: 91p.

“LA GUIA de vins de Catalunya”, 2014:

  • Peraj Ha’abib, Flor de Primavera 2011, 9.48p: Elegant/ Llaminer

“Guía Peñín de los vinos de España”, 2014, Spain:

  • Peraj Ha’abib 2011 93p Vino Excelente, 40%Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Garnacha, 20%Cariñena. Color cereza brillante. Aroma fruta madura, especias dulces, roble cremoso, terroso, tostado. Boca sabroso, frutoso, tostado, taninos maduros.

“Restaurant Wine” newsletter, by Ronn Wiegand, USA 2013:

  • Peraj Ha’abib, Flor de Primavera 2011, ★★★★+ EXCELLENT quality: Kosher. Excellent: supple, complex, and full bodied, this is a powerful but stylish wine that is smoothly textured and intensely flavored. Very long and mildly tannic finish. It tastes of raspberry jam, blackberry; aniseed, toast, tobacoo, pepper, and plum. 40% Garnacha, 40%Cabernet Sauvignon, 20%Cariñena. Aged 14 months in French oak barrels, both new and one year old.

“Peñin Guide, Top wines from Spain”, Spain, 2013/2014:

  • Flor de Primavera, Peraj Ha’abib kosher 2010  91p  Colour: cherry, granet rim. Nose: complex, expressive, balaced, ripe fruit, creamy oak. Palate: good structure, flavourfull, full.

“Guía Palacio de los mejores vinos Iberoamericanos” Spain, June 2013

  • Flor de Primavera, Peraj Ha’abib 2011, 93+p

“VINOS EXTRAORDINARIOS, Los 100 mejores vinos españoles de todos los tiempos”, Lluís Tolosa. 2013

Yossie’s Wine Recommendations #235 – Crème de la Crème
… it is time for my annual rating of the best wines I tasted in 2012… Peraj Ha’abib 2010

“Guía Peñín” de los vinos de españa 2013, Spain:

  • “Flor de Primavera, Peraj Ha’abib, Kosher 2010”  91p. Color cereza, borde granate. Aroma complejo, expresivo, equilibrado, fruta madura, roble cremoso. Boca estructurado, sabroso, lleno.

“Guía de vinos ABC” 2013, Spain:

  • “Peraj Ha’abib 2010” 93p Tiempo de pureza. Elegancia. Finura de aromas. Fruta en boca, naturaleza, equilibrio que reina. Tiempo de un vino kosher. Elaborado bajo la estricta supervisión de un rabino. Un vino grande, un gran vino. Crianza en barrica: doce meses. Variedades: garnacha, cabernet sauvignon, samsó.

Daniel Rogov Strat´s Place/Tel Aviv/Israel:

  • “Flor de Primavera´09”: 93 p
  • “Flor de Primavera´08”: 91 p, “Flor de Primavera´07”: 91 p
  • “Flor de Primavera´05”: 92 p, “Flor de Primavera´03”: 92 p
  • ,“Flor de Primavera´04”: 92 p ,“Flor de Primavera´02”: 92 p
  • “Flor de Primavera´01”: 92 ,”Flor de Primavera´00”: 93+p
  • “Flor de Primavera´98”: 92 p,“Flor de Primavera´97”: 93 p

“The Wine Advocate”/USA, Robert Parker, Issue 194; may 2011:

  • “Peraj Ha´abib/Flor de Primavera´09: 95 p “…powerful, impeccably balanced, and lengthy…”

“Markus del Monego & Andreas Larsson”, Tasted Journal, 100% Blind Spain, Oct 2012: Peraj Ha’abib, Flor de Primavera 2010; 89p : AL- Young, ruby red with a blue rim; clean nose of freshly crushed berries, pepper and clove; the palate is young, rather dense with attractive, pure berry fruit… MDM- Dark, purple red with violet hue and black centre. Very concentrated but closed nose, good structure and balance. On the palate well balanced with medium weight and good length.

“Juan Fernádez- Cuesta”, Diario ABC, Mayo, 2012, Spain : Vino kosher, pura belleza. Este vino es una maravilla. Es Peraj Ha’abib. Flor de Primavera. Así se llama. Un vino kosher que ha dejado de ser kosher (no soy judío) en el instante que he abierto la botella. Ha perdido su pureza, aunque se mantenga entera. Pura belleza.
“Yossie’s Corkboard”, May 2012: This week’s newsletter discusses one of my all-time favorite wineries – Capcanes of Spain. Despite much love for this delightful winery, having enjoyed its kosher vintages starting with 1998; I have never dedicated a newsletter to the winery and its history. While many acclaimed non-kosher vineyards around the world make kosher cuvees of certain wines in limited runs, Capcanes is unique in that it was its kosher cuvee that initially put it on the map. Located in the village of Capcanes in Spain’s Montsant region a close neighbor of Spain’s famed Priorat, the Capcanes winery was founded as a cooperative by five local wine-growing families in 1933.

“Koshervino, Jon Tabak”,2011 USA Peraj Ha’abib 2009:94 punts.
(.. L’anyada més elegant elaborada fins a dia d’avui. La garnatxa d’aquest cupatge realment llueix, i a més a més, ens recorda el vi varietal de garnatxa de Capçanes, el Flor de Flor de Primavera 2007. A la copa presenta un esplèndid color robí pujat amb una consistència lleugera i fluïda. En nas, un vibrant festival de fruites –cirera negra, mora, nabiu assecat- seguit pels torrats del roure, amb un toc de vainilla i xocolata negra. En boca deixa una entrada de dolçor de cirera, evolucionant cap a roure, espècies i un punt de xocolata. De cos mitjà, amb acidesa alta però equilibrada, aquest vi ens enganxa amb uns joves tanins suaus i sedosos. El final és d’una allargada impressionant, amb tanins que destaquen i una certa astringència (al contrari de la dolçor residual d’anyades prèvies). Un cupatge molt elegant que s’aparta del corpulent Peraj Ha’abib que fins ara hem conegut, però és un canvi benvingut, si més no. Tot i que aquest vi es pot beure ara, recomano esperar encara uns sis mesos. Salut!

Financial Times, Jancis Robinson/England:

  • Flor  de Primavera´06 “Favourite kosher wines:”: 16,5,/20 p “…lots of fruit and structure on the palate and a great deal of future. Real minerally framework. “

Wine Spectator/USA:

  • “Flor de Primavera´03”: 90 p “…offers a plus textura over a solid foundation, with black plum, coffee, locirice and mineral flavors supported by muscular tannins that give way to ápices and licorices notes on the long finís…”

Wine-guide “Guía Jose Penin 2006/2008”, Spain:

  • “Flor de Primavera kosher´05”:91 p
  • “Flor de Primavera kosher´03”:90 p

Wine-guide “Guía Marc Suieres”, USA:

  • “Flor de Primavera/Peraj Ha´abib kosher´05”:90 p

Wine Orbit 2007” New Zealand:

  • “Flor de Primavera kosher´03”:94 p, and 5 stars Top score:

“Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, Germany:

  • “Flor de Primavera/Peraj Ha´abib kosher”: “…most probably the best kosher red wine in the world…”

Wine-guide “Guía Jose Penín 2005”, Spain:

  • “Flor de Primavera kosher´01”:91p
  • “Flor de Primavera kosher´00: 94 p,
  • “Flor de Primavera kosher 1996”: 95p
  • “One of the Top 8 Spanish wines – The second highest possible score!

Wine Magazine “Perswijn, Jan. 2005”, Holland:

  • “Flor de Primavera´00”: ++++(+)
  • “Flor de Primavera´02”: ++++

Wine-guide “La Guía de Oro 2005”, Spain:

  • “Flor de Primavera´01: Gold

“Vinum magazine”,  – Sep/Oct 2005”, Spain:

  • “No doubt, Capçanes Kosher is the most complex of all Spanish Kosher wines. Good bouquet. Long persistence.”

“The Wine Advocate”/USA, Robert Parker, Issue 145; 28th/feb 2003:

  • “Flor de Primavera kosher´00: 90 p “Robert Parker:  One of the finest kosher wines I have ever tasted….”

Wine-guide “Mondo-Weine der Welt”, march´04, Germany:

  • “Flor de Primavera´03”: 91 p
  • “Flor de Primavera´01”: 91 p
  • “Flor de Primavera´00”: 92-93 p

Wine-guide “Fahrenkamp-Die Weine Spaniens 2005”, Germany:

  • “Flor de Primavera´02”: 92 p
  • “Flor de Primavera´01”: 94 p

Gamliel Kronemer, The N.Y. Jewish Week, USA:

  • Peraj ha´abib´04: ScoreATHE TOP SPANISH RED!
  • Peraj Petita06: Score B+

Jüdische Allgemeine, nr.50/07,  Deutschland:

  • “…2004 Peraj Ha´abib… kommt mit ungeheuerer Kraft daher, die Tannine wie Bodyguards. Ein Wein scheinbar für die Ewigkeit…mündet alles in ein konzentriertes Finale, das uns noch lange beschäftigt…zweifeslfrei wider ein grosser Wein…enorm dichte Struktur…”

Jüdische Allgemeine, nr.50/06,  Deutschland:

  • “…2003 Peraj Ha´abib glänzt mit allen Attributen eines grossen Weins… ein sehr komplexer Wein, der lange verweilt. Ohne Zweifel Klasse und bestes Reifepotential. Seinen Preis ist er wert…”

“Sobremesa Wine&Food magazine”, – Jan.´06”, Spain:

  • “Capçanes winery has become flag of modernity and prestige.  They elaborate, since 1995, an appreciated Kosher wine, Flor de Primavera, placed amongst the best ones of the world in all tastings organized by the Jewish community.”

Jennifer Rosen, Jewish Wine Saves Catholic Winery
Rocky Mountain News, Saturday May 7th, 2005 USA:

  • “I’m certainly grateful to the Jewish community in Barcelona. … The result, Peraj Ha’ abib Flor de Primavera, has been called the finest kosher wine in the world.”

Gamliel Kronemer, The N.Y. Jewish Week, USA:

  • “This dark garnet colored Spanish Blend is perhaps the best kosher wine on the market. With a full body; a supple, complex structure; and a rich bouquet of blackberries, cedar, oak, tar, and black currents; you know have something truly special from the first sip.”

Apellation NYC, USA:

  • ”A well balanced blend showing great fruit, hints of minerality and a nice ruby color. This stellar red quenched the Spanish Orthodox Jews’ thirst for many years”

“ATB – After the bell”, – March 2004, Spain:

  • “Flor de Primavera: The result of such a careful process is a splendorous Kosher wine,  with a rich and intense nose, expressive and round in the mouth. Time will play in its favour giving him a great elegance and refinemet”

Daniel Rogov/Tel Aviv/Israel: april 2001:

  • “International tasting of kosher wines organized by Daniel Rogov, Wine and Restaurant Critic of the Israely Daily Newspaper “HaAretz” and “Le Monde”),
  • “Flor de Primavera 1998”: 3rd best kosher wine in the world,92 points.
  • For more informations:

“EUROKOSHER 2001”, Paris:

  • Le Club Gastronomika K D´Or 2001: Flor de Primavera 1998
  • The Gold K Awards 2001: BEST Foreign Kosher Wine!


Vinificat sota l’estricta supervisió del Rabí de la Comunitat Haba Jueva de Barcelona. Certificat Kosher: Lo Mevushal (no pasteuritzat) i Le Pessaj.

Fermentació a temperatura controlada (24-28ºC). Fermentació malo làctica començada en tines d’acer inoxidable y finalitzada en botes.

Maceració de 28 dies, varietats vinificades conjuntament.


12 mesos en botes de roure francès noves i certificades kosher (228L), torrat mitjà i lleuger.

Posterior envelliment en tines d’acer inoxidable durant 3 mesos, abans d’embotellar.


Edat dels ceps: 50-70 anys de garnatxa, a una altitud de 500 m
Sòl: argilós i de granit, en terrasses


Veremat a mà de principis de setembre fins a mitjans d’octubre
750 a 1000 gr per cep
25-35 hl/ha


15% vol. alcohòlic
4,8 g/l acidesa total
1,5 g/l sucre residual


7.500 ampolles (75 cl) + Màgnums + mides grans


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