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2 Pájaros
Bright and vibrant Wild herbs, licorice, spicy and toasty nose Gorgeous Glycerin sweetness and texture. Well integrated wood. Very good lenght
Cabrida Calissa
Elegant wine. Nose: Red fruits and florals  Good acidity and interesting mineral background. Pleasant tannins.
Capçanes Còmic #1
Intense cherry color with violet reflections. An atypical Merlot wine in that the expected herbaceous aromas are quite the opposite: complex aromas of red fruit, well integrated light toasted wood. Soft and ripe tannins. Good acidity and a long finish.
Vim Blanc
Pale, bright. Fruity nose, baked apple, tropical fruit. Lactic notes. Strong attack on the palate, sweet entry and then a lingering acidity. Salty end. Even a long aging the acidty is surprising
Bright and vibrant, medium coloured; fresh seductive aromas of cherry and  red berry; floral, roses, wild herbs; in taste full-bodied; very fine and complex nose; almost  exentric and seductive; intensive but elegant flavours of red berry fruit in taste; elegant, light oaky, toasty aromas...
Mas Tortó
Medium satured red; dark berry fruit flavours; light roasted aromas of plums, currant; some toasty coffee flavours;  lots of red and dark berry flavours in taste; complex but fine; very sofisticated style; intense seroius fruit character; powerful but elegant; serious sweet tannins; complex...
Pinot Noir
Subtil, fresh and lively, floral and red berry fruit flavours; with a hint of herb and spices. Fragil and delicate structure; fine and very seductive, lively, very fresh;  light spicy smoky oak flavours; medium bodied; fresh acidity; fine acidity-alcohol balance ; fine viscouse Glycerin...
- 2 Pájaros
- Cabrida Calissa
- Capçanes Còmic #1
- Vim Blanc
- Cabrida
- Mas Tortó
- Pinot Noir
Peraj Petita Rosat
Rose medium red, bright. Very aromatic, red fruit flavours of strawberry. In mouth, interesting acidity and sweetness that invite to repeat. Long fruity finish. Quite bitter because of thew syrah.
Peraj Ha'abib
Dark, full satured red; red-black berry; vibrant, bright aromas of cherry, plums, currant; fine toasty and coffee flavours; rich seductive cherry fruit; black berries; complex, sophisticated, elegant; rich and full-bodied; ripe but soft tannins; smooth Glycerin sweetness; fresh and mineral; very...
Flor del Flor de Primavera
Bright and vibrant, medium red colored; charming, fresh and seductive aromas of ripe cherries and red berries along with the floral nuances of roses and wild herbs. Complex but fine and sophisticated, perfumed. In mouth full-bodied, complex, almost eccentric and seductive spirit. It is subtle,...
Peraj petita
Medium ruby with flucks of violet; fresh, seductive aromas of red berries and cherry; loads of red fruits in taste; crispy and ripe, concentrated and well-balenced but not over-powered; very Garnacha in character and mineral in taste; fruit + minerality plus some elegant Glycerin-sweetness; medium...
- Peraj Petita Rosat
- Peraj Ha'abib
- Flor del Flor de Primavera
- Peraj petita
Costers del Gravet
Deep red ruby colour with blue-violet shade; mouthful aromas of ripe cherry fruit; plums, blueberry; very fine spicy smoky toasty oak flavours; full bodied; soft but present tannins; wonderful fresh acidity; acidity-alcohol perfectly balanced ; fine viscouse Glycerin sweetness; long Finish.
Vall del Calàs
Deep red colour; Complex aromas of ripe dark fruit, wild herbs and berries; very spicy; some vanilla, dark exotic fruit flavour nuances; intensive and concentrated; complex but still elegant; perfectly balanced with nicely vibrant acidity; elegant Glycerin sweetness; serious ripe tannin structure
- Costers del Gravet
- Vall del Calàs
Mas Collet
Medium deep red with flucks of violet; ripe cherry flavours; blueberries; smooth well integrated oaky, toasty aromas; medium bodied; fruitdriven; fine ripe sweetness; good acidity; perfectly balanced; round ripe tannins; long ripefruit finish
Medium ruby with violet shades; very nice Glycerin mouthfeeling and texture; wild red and black berry flavors, cherry, spices and herbs; well integrated elegant smooth vanilla oaky toasty notes;  ripe mouthful and complex on the palate: loads of sweet vibrant fruit; medium to full-bodied with...
Mas Collet Blanc
Bright and lively, with light yellow-golden nuances ; medium to full-bodied; lovely creamy, peach, pear, vanilia flavors, apple and herbs and floral. Fine and subte oak aromas of  coffee, trufle and  toast ; hint of spices, all perfectly integrated; great mouth structure; with long finish,
Mas Donís Barrica
Medium ruby with violet shades; very nice glycerin mouthfeeling and texture; wild red and black berry flavors, cherry, spices and herbs; well integrated elegant smooth vanilla oaky toasty notes;  ripe mouthful and complex on the palate: loads of sweet vibrant fruit; medium to full-bodied with...
- Mas Collet
- Lasendal
- Mas Collet Blanc
- Mas Donís Barrica
Mas Picosa Blanc de Noirs
Onion skin colour resulting from the red grape variety. Mineral, red fruit aroma, ... Pleasant on the palate, fresh attack, marked acidity and unctuous.
Mas Donís Rosat
Colour: Rose-violet-medium Red Fresh and aromatic, vibrant red fruit flavours of strawberry and rasberry; with a hint of  herby and spiceness Medium to full-bodied and complex; elgant Glycerin sweetness; ripe and fresh; long fruity finish
Mas Donís Negre
Medium ruby with flucks of violet; lovely perfum of liquor liked cherry and red berries; spicy cake;  ripe and complex; floral and masses a ripe crispy fruit; medium body; pure fruit seduction and charme;  fine finish with ripe soft tannins and nicely refreshing aftertaste
Mas Donís Blanc
Attractive yellow golden green color; seductive fruit flavors of  peach, pear, mango,  banana; and hints of flowers and herbs; creamy and soft with crispy freshness in mouth and  medium bodied, lovely fruit and floral finish.
- Mas Picosa Blanc de Noirs
- Mas Donís Rosat
- Mas Donís Negre
- Mas Donís Blanc
Mas Picosa
Medium ruby with flucks of violet; exotic aromas of liquor liked cherry, spicy cake;  ripe and nicely concentrated; very Garnacha in caracter; a lot fruit; medium finish with ripe, sweet tannins and nicely fresh
- Mas Picosa
Pansal del Calàs
Very dark, with blueish-violet shades  and high viscosity; An enormous flavour concentration, based on very ripe seductive dark fruits like roasted aromas of plums, cassis and dark cherries combined with currant, toasty, coffee, mokka aromas. It shows a perfect harmony of alcohol and lively...
- Pansal del Calàs

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The National Congress of Enological Research has visited Capçanes!
The National Congress of Enological Research has visited Caçanes! On June 10th Capçanes was visited by more than 100 professionals involved in the winemaking world . They have participated this year in the National Conference organized by the URV from Tarragona. A convention with a scientific and technological perspective. For further information: