"Emerging From the Shadows"

The New York Times se fija en la DO Montsant
The New York Times dedicates an extensive article to DO Montsant under the title "Spanish reds emerging from the shadows" (02/22/2013). Including, Peraj Petita 2010 from Celler de Capçanes. For the NY Times, the DO Montsant is all a "discovery" and it is "an example of the Spanish transformation in the wine world".

According to Eric Asimov, wine critic of the publication that signed the article, Montsant is one of those regions which "has reinvented itself", and in which new producers "have jumped to the world stage."
Apart from those first approximations, the article mentions some of the traits that define the DO Montsant, as the use of Grenache and Carignan as a regional varieties, diversity of soils and microclimates, good value for their wines and cultural weight in the region.
Eric Asimov completes DO Montsant approaching by tasting 10 wines, balanced with fruity, mineral notes...  the text includes tasting notes of Peraj Petita 2010 from Celler de Capçanes:

Celler de Capçanes,
Peraj Montsant Petita 2010
Bright and spicy with evident tannins, flavors of red fruit and a touch of oak (and it is kosher).

Full text: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/27/dining/reviews/spanish-reds-that-emerge-from-the-shadows.html?pagewanted=all&_r=2&