The Ethnological Museum of Barcelona was open on 4th of October and Capçanes it's present with their Kosher wines! Some pictures from the museum.
Our renowned  Kosher wine Peraj Ha'abib 2012, gets 4 **** at the Das Selection Genussmagazin, Germany. Always Amazing!
Once again Yossie is writing about Capçanes. This time Peraj Petita 2013 is among his recommended wines. A beautiful presentation of our wine. Below you have his report!
After the success with Garnacha Flor del Flor, we want to offer  you our new  Flor del Flor old vines Samso! A 100% Samso (Carignan). Originating from old terrace and slope vineyards Between 85 and 105 years  old..... No yeast is added  and it is not clarified ..... The resulting wine has an intense amalgam of aromas and big mouth. Capçanes will surprise you again!
Once again Capçanes will surprise you! The new garnachas from different terroirs. Now you can enjoy separately our centenary vineyards with different expression of taste. 6 months in french oak barrels gives the wine an absolute character of fruit and soil.