One more year, you can find us in the Wine Guide, Cellars of Tarragona 2014 - 2015, with information about the winery and tasting notes of our wines Peraj Ha'abib and Cabrida.  
El divendres 2 de maig, a partir de les 23h
For the eighth consecutive year, Celler de Capçanes celebrates La Nit de les Garnatxes (Garnatxa's night) . The event will take place on Friday, 2nd May, from 23 pm as part of the Falset Wine Fair,  it is a combination of music, art and wine pairings. The attendees will enjoy the four Grenaches from the four different Capçanes' terroir, the fresh young wines and our sweet wine that surely will surprise !
The Kosher Food and Wine Experience, brought to you by Kedem Europe, is a unique event in the kosher wine calendar. 
Jekyll and Hyde by Miquel Hudin, originally from California but now based in Barcelona. He founded the Vinologue enoturism series of wine books
We arrive again at that point in the year where we can’t quite shake winter completely and yet we know that sunny, beach days are ahead. As a realistic optimitsic, i want to pour something heavy in my glass that isn’t going to make me sulk and ponder the meaning of life. I want a glass that’s fresh, invigorating and mindful that our evenings will soon be an hour longer.  
Peraj Ha’abib and its history, in Celler de Capçanes, awake the curiosity of the most important German newspaper, Frankfurter Allegmeine Zeitung, who dedicated some lines the last Sunday 9th march under the name “Die Blume des Geliebten” (literal translation of Peraj Ha’abib) by Von Stuart Pigott.