Gabriel Geller has written about la Flor del Flor Garnatxa
The last 14th of October, Gabriel Geller published an article recommending our kosher wine La Flor del Flor garnatxa. According to Gabriel this delicate and complex wine is perfect for all occasions and any pairing. ...."This is an outstanding wine from grapevines that are over 100 years old, a feature that improves the quality and complexity of the wines produced"
Eric Asimov has recommended our Peraj Petita!
Eric Asimov has recommended our young Kosher wine Peraj Petita. The relationship between quality and price, gives international recognition to our Montsant wines. Eric in this article offers a global vision of the Priorat wine region. He has also suggested a perfect pairing for our wine: A rice dish with rabbit, recipe from his colleague Florence Fabricant.
An article by Ramon Roset
Ramon Roset, the famous blogger, has dedicated an article to La Nit de les Garnatxes wines. The full expression of the different soils: sand, limestone, clay and llicorella in four different wines. Wines produced using the same wine making process and the same grape, garnacha 100%. Bellow the link:
Our emblematic wines have obtained more than 90 points!
The emblematic Capçanes wines, once again, have obtained more than 90 points in the Guía Peñin 2017. 2 Pájaros: 93 points. Color: intense cherry, garnet rim. Aroma: fruit, wood, scrubland, creamy oak, dry stone. Taste: long, spicy, balsamic. Cabrida: 92 points. Color: bright cherry. Aroma: mineral, red fruit, ripe fruit, scrubland. Taste: round mouth, good acidity, fruity, spicy and long aftertaste.
A medal for Mas Collet!
Mas Collet 2014 is one of the 7 wines awarded by the Montsant DO at the last edition of the Premis Vinari dels vins catalans. This competition has been organized by It was first organized in 2013 with the aim to publicize the catalan still wines and the sparkling wines, guiding the final consumer. We obtained a bronze medal for our semi- aged wine!
The organic wine competition of 2016!
We have the certificates of the Selecction Das Genussmagazin. The german organic wine competition of the year. A reward to the hard work of the Capçanes cellar team. We are very happy that our Mas Torto 2014 has obtained a Gold medall! A blend of 85% Garnacha old vines and 15% Syrah.
A special program about our Kosher wines
Next November the TV3 program called Glops will publish a special about Capçanes and our Kosher wines. Joan Sabate the Capçanes manager was in charge of presenting our winery. David Libersohn rabbi for near 20 years at the Jabad Barcelona community, was interviewed and he explained what does it mean Kosher and how they are made. We hope this program will help you to understand the complexity of these wines made for more than 20 years in Capçanes.
For one more year Capçanes will participate in the 36 Mostra de Vins i Caves de Catalunya. Remember, the fair will start today, the afternoon of the 22th september and will end on sunday 25th. To meet us will be very simple, we will be at the number 1 stand!
Dutch sommeliers and journalists have visited  the Montsant DO. An activity organized by Incavi and Acció, the Brussels department business office. During the day they had the opportunity to visit the different areas, soils and climates of the Montsant DO.  They where received in Capçanes gaining further knowledge of the different soils thanks to our 4 garnachas from different terroirs: Sand, Limestone, Slate and Clay..
In Capçanes we had a very busy Saturday. Capçanes had the pleasure to receive the people responsable for creating the promotional video of the Vueling company and the Catalan tourism agency. The video aims to attract Dutch tourism to Catalonia. During the visit our guests touched, tasted and especially ... were introduced to the beauty of the winemaking process!