Yesterday (03/09/14) Celler de Capçanes started the harvest.
Capçanes wines in a Japanese Airline: The All Nippon Airways (ANA) selected two wines from Capçanes for their internationals flights.
01/09/2014   Nick has been writing this week about our summers in the western Languedoc (extremely changeable, almost cool weather this summer - but the vines seem to like it). If while there we feel like a change of scene, we join the queues to cross the Pyrenees and head into Spanish Catalunya. The scenery is wonderful, especially up towards the Pyrenees but also on the coast. And, gosh, the Spaniards have been building some superb roads. Northern Spain always seems so much more sophisticated than our part of southern France. Perhaps it's the Barcelona effect. The restaurant scene is certainly much, much more exciting, and  Nick will be writing soon about one or two new discoveries. The wines are arguablymore varied than those over the mountains in Roussillon (though I can feel Jonathan Hesford of Domaine Treloar sharpening his pencil and darts on our forum as I write), even if it has taken a little while for denominations such as Empordà to catch up (admittedly leaning a little on experiences in Roussillon). Below is a collection of tasting notes on some bright stars in Spanish Catalunya tasted in London mainly over the past few months. The wines below are grouped by producer in alphabetical order, and then in the order tasted.  Most are imported into the UK by Rhône to Rioja or Indigo Wines.
The "2 Pájaros 2012", 100% Carignan, it's being a success
After Sydney, and 2 hours flight, Adelaide, the 5th biggest city in the country with still over a million habitants, life here appears less stressful and fast. Sydney became my favorite Australian city, but the Adelaide hills and Eden valley my first choice in terms of landscape. What a gorgeous countryside!